Our portable baptistry :-)

Our portable baptistry ūüôā

If you trust in Jesus, if you’re convinced that your only hope in life and death is his death and resurrection for you, well then here are 5 reasons for getting baptised…

1. Baptism is a big deal

Despite the fact that through the centuries Christians have disagreed about who should be baptised by whom and with how much water, what has never been controversial is that Christians should get baptised by someone at some point and with water. ¬†The church is the loser if we don’t take baptism seriously.

2. Baptism is for assurance

Being plunged in the baptistry on a Sunday is not so much about you saying something to everyone there as it is about the church and the symbol saying something to you. ¬†In baptism the church declares and the symbol symbolises that the gospel is true and that it changes people and it’s changed you. ¬†So to not get baptised or to have only been baptised as an infant in the hope of future faith is to rob yourself of a good gift for your assurance and confidence as a Christian.

3. Baptism is for the church

Historically baptists have put baptism and church membership together and there’s good reason for that because it’s important for the health and witness of the church for the church to know who the church is. ¬†Everyone knows that attending church is not the same as being part of church, being part of a church involves sharing the convictions of the church, trusting in and following the Lord of the Church (Jesus) and committing to serve the people in the church. ¬†So baptism is a way of identifying with the church saying that you’re in convictionally and not just a bum on a seat on a Sunday.

4. Baptism is biblical

You don’t get to heaven by good deeds, moral living or taking part in Christian rituals, Jesus said to the thief on the cross that he would be in heaven with him that day and he never had chance to do any of those things. ¬†Being a Christian is instead about trusting Jesus as Lord of our lives, repenting of our live for myself attitude with all the sin and mess that’s made and thanking God that on the cross Jesus took the punishment we should have received. ¬†But how do you know if that’s true of you? How do you know if Jesus really is your Lord? Well surely because you want to do what he says, and what does he say? Well among other things he says that disciples (followers) should be baptised (Matthew 28v19-20) and even if all the other reasons are lost on you as a follower of Jesus that should be enough.

5. Baptism is not that scary

Often it’s not theological concerns or doubts that stop Christians getting baptised but rather a fear of being up the front of church and the paraphernalia of baptism services. ¬†Well if that’s what’s putting you off don’t worry! Baptism is a normal part of church life, we have the baptisms as a part of the regular Sunday morning service, and we don’t expect baptism candidates to speak for 10minutes about how they became a Christian. Just a heart felt “yes” to the question are you trusting Christ as your saviour and living for him as your Lord is all that’s required. ¬†People will want to hear the story about how you came to Christ but you can write that down and someone else can read it if you want!