In terms of how it’s run Aigburth Community Church is essentially an independent baptist church, this means we are governed and funded by the people who come and we baptise Christians who profess their faith in the Lord Jesus.

Whilst we think independency like this is a great thing and what the Bible teaches we are also persuaded that churches aren’t supposed to be isolated from one another.  So if you come along you’ll often find us praying for other churches in Liverpool, the North West and the world!  More than simply saying words praying like this reflects a deep commitment to the mission of the church further afield, this is also reflected in more official partnerships we have with 3 organisations.

North West Partnership


This is a group of Bible churches working together across denominational lines, in the NW, to train people for ministry and plant churches.  The NWP run a training course in Leyland and Liverpool which a number of people in our church have attended and which Steve teaches on from time to time.



Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches


The FIEC is a partnership of independent churches like ours working together in the UK. The FIEC provides practical and legal support, money for training and a number of other things to its member churches.  More than that our membership commits us to sticking by the Bible’s message and working with other similar churches to give more people in the UK the opportunity to hear about Jesus.




Radstock is a mission agency with a difference, specialising not in sending individuals so much as connecting churches together to see the message about Jesus be heard across the world.  Our position as a key Radstock church reflects our commitment to the world and links us in with churches in other parts of the world planting new churches, often in very tough places.  You can read about why this is important to us in a piece Steve wrote on the Gospel Partnership website.