At the very centre of our church life is our Sunday Morning gathering, a church that doesn’t meet together isn’t really a church, yet outside that there are lots of other really brilliant parts of our church life which happen all week.

Some of these are in the shape of organised events like small groups, coffee morning, and youth groups and others are more informal such as church members living their lives alongside each other, encouraging one another and working together to tell others about the great news of the gospel.

One thing we have done together which helps generate this sense of community and belonging is establish a formal system of church membership. Most of our church events have lots of visitors which we’re really pleased about but our church membership system gives us an opportunity to say to one another we belong and that Aigburth Community Church is our spiritual home.

Membership is open to any Christian who attends church regularly, agrees to our statement of faith and is willing to submit to our doctrinal distinctives. New members are interviewed by one of the church leaders and then their application is voted on by the members at one our our quarterly church members meetings. Church Members are then together responsible for appointing church leaders, agreeing the church budget and deciding on matters of church discipline and future planning.

If you would like to know more about church membership just speak to one of the leaders at a Sunday gathering.