This is the second part of a series pointing you in the direction of interesting and helpful resources on the internet – the first part is here. Each one contains details of a blog, a larger web resource and a twitter feed.

This week:

Blog: Andy’s Study is the blog of Andrew Evans, one of the full time elders at Christ Church Liverpool, a church we’re much indebted to. Andrew writes (and sometimes rants) on politics, church planting, current affairs, theology, and all sorts of other things. He doesn’t always toe the line so it makes for a stimulating read – you normally end up thinking “Oh, I hadn’t quite thought of it like that before!”

Twitter: @theFIEC is the twitter feed of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. There is news and prayer points from our network of churches. A great way to keep informed of and encouraged by different things going on around the country.

Resource: is a huge resource for anyone wanting help with apologetics and evangelism. There are articles, talks, interviews and essays on topics from science, atheism, arts, culture and lots more.