Ever feel that you’re not making the most of the web?  Does it empty your life of spare time and fill your mind with banality – and would you like to do better?  Whether you have no more than occasional snatched moments on your iPhone or perhaps bigger chunks of browsing time at your desk, it’s possible for the web to be genuinely useful for your Christian life.  This is the first of a series of posts each of which will simply point you towards a twitter feed, a blog that you could subscribe to on your RSS feed or blog-reader, and a larger resource that you could bookmark for future reference.  So I hope you’ll find something useful in what follows, to which there is no particular order.  Oh, and while these resources are tried and tested by your church leadership, please assume the usual disclaimers 🙂

Blog: A new name Emma Scrivener’s story of how really understanding the grace of Christ has helped her to battle eating disorders and identity issues. It’s beautifully written and you will be taught, encouraged and stimulated. Oh, and there’s a book out too!

Twitter: John Piper will send insight and truth your way whether by a bible verse or a pithy little quote that will stick in your mind. Lots of links to other useful material to.

Resource: 9 Marks Building healthy churches – a blog and articles about what it means to be a healthy church with particular focus on church membership and church leadership. Loads and loads of interesting stuff to browse and search.

More to come over the next few weeks.