This is the third post on interesting and useful web resources.  Hope you find something useful!  One additional comment as well:

I’ve realised that the title of this series isn’t particularly helpful:  making the most of the web isn’t just about finding lots of great Christian resources.  The web is part of the world we live in, and so it’s fine to explore it all – Christian bits and non-Christian bits.  Just as we don’t limit the physical places we visit in the “real” world, but rather enjoy all the good things that God has given us.  So this series isn’t designed to persuade you to only visit Christian websites.  But, I suspect much of our web-time is spent looking at things which are quite simply a waste of  time (even if they are not overtly sinful), so I hope that by making some of these sites regular parts of your surf-life, you will be able to make better use of it.


Blog: A Faith to Live By – this is a blog written by Neil Powell, a church minister in Birmingham.    A really good read touching on church planting, politics and social issues, Christian living, and so on.  Lots of our church family might find his series on whether mums should return to work a helpful read!


Twitter:  Unashamed Workman – this twitter feed says it’s designed for pastors and preachers but I reckon it’s a great thing to follow for anyone who listens to pastors and preachers too, because it will help you understand what preaching really is and how to pray for the people to whom you listen.


Resource:  3 for the price of one today – check out 10ofthose, bestcommentaries, and the thegoodbookcompany for great suggestions on good books and resources.