Aigburth Community Church was started in September 2008 by a team of local people who wanted to start a church in and for our community.

As a group we were convinced that many people had given up on church for understandable but regrettable reasons.  So for many church had become an institution stuck in another era; irrelevant, misguided and not a little stuffy.  The great tragedy of all this is that many people in our community never get to hear about Jesus at all.  So other than the stuff we learnt at school in RE we never really have an opportunity to consider Jesus’ claims for himself or the evidence for his life, death and resurrection.

Aigburth Community Church was started to change all that.  We wanted to show people that the message of the Bible, centred on Jesus, is as relevant and life changing today as it ever has been.  We wanted to give people the opportunity to hear that news and to ask their questions in a friendly environment which wasn’t stuffy or stuck in an era that no-one related to any more.

The way we’ve tried to do this isn’t simply by running Sunday services that are open to everyone (although we’ve done that) but also by learning more about the Bible for ourselves so that we’re better equipped to see how this ancient news makes a big change today.  So we love to think, ask questions, and hear God’s answers in his word and we’d love to share that with you.  So why not come along on a Sunday or ask someone you know who comes along to find out more.