If you’re moving to Liverpool to study then you might like to know a little bit more about our church. Here is a list of FAQ’s and if they don’t quite cover it feel free to add your own question in the comments at the end…

What kind of church is Aigburth Community Church?
Aigburth is an ordinary church that believes and teaches the message about Jesus that Christians have always believed.  Although our church only started meeting in September 2008 we haven’t invented anything new but stick firmly to the Bible,  a summary of what we believe is in our statement of faith.  Our church is run by the people who come along who appoint the leaders, pay for the work and most importantly make the community of people which is the church.  As a group we’re part of the North West Partnership and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.  We’re also good friends with the guys at Christ Church Liverpool as the group that started Aigburth came from there.

What the music like?
The most important thing about the music at Aigburth is that it’s there to help us sing good songs with great words to God’s glory, songs whose words teach and encourage us to love Jesus more and more.  We sing a mix of new songs and familiar old hymns (often to new tunes) with the occasional children’s song.

What’s the bible teaching like?
Good question to be asking!  The best way to find out is to listen to some of the talks on the website.  We think teaching and explaining the Bible is one of the most useful and important things we can do when we get together so I spend a lot of time getting ready for this in the week.  We aim to let the Bible set the agenda and tend to work through books of the Bible explaining and applying them along the way. The format of our meeting means that you sit down with a coffee to listen to the sermon and get chance to ask questions at the end.

How big is your church?
We have about 90 adults and 50 children on a Sunday morning.  Sometimes a few more and sometimes a few less!

Is your church a ‘student church’?
Our congregation is made up of people of all ages including university students who make a valuable contribution to our church life.

What’s on for students?
I guess our church runs on the basis that people are best served by being part of a community rather than part of a programme.  So we don’t have a student group or a ‘formal system’ for welcoming students but we do encourage you to be part of our church family and join in with what’s going on.  Often the best bits of church life happen outside the Sunday meeting when you’re round at someone’s house for a meal, reading the Bible and praying with someone in the week.  Because of that we offer all the students who come the chance to meet up 121 with an older Christian in the church.

Where and when do you meet?
We meet at 10.30am and 6pm on Sundays in our church hall on Dundonald Road, which is particularly close to the IM Marsh Campus of JMU, the Aigburth Campus of Hope and the Carnatic Halls of the University of Liverpool.  We also meet in housegroups during the week, which if you decide to join the church you’re welcome to come along to.

What do you think about the Christian Unions in the Universities?
All of the leaders of Aigburth were involved in CUs when they were students and we remain really positive about their work.  Really the CU is in a great position to gather Christian students together and get them working together to reach out to others on the campus.  We want to do everything we can to encourage that work.

Trust that’s helpful – if you have any more FAQs then post them here or get in touch with me


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