It’s great to have lots of children as part of our church family and the children love joining in with our meetings; singing the songs, praying together, learning from the Bible and making new friends.

As parents we understand that bringing children to church can be stressful; desperately trying to keep them quiet and hoping that no-one will notice the smell of a dirty nappy.  However please don’t let that put you off!  We don’t mind the background noise of children in our church gatherings, in fact it’s such a good thing to have families coming together to church that we don’t just put up with the noise but appreciate it as part of our church life, like children in any family gathering.  So bring the children and sit with them and talk to them about what’s going on and soon they’ll learn and experience what a great place church is to be.

Just before 11am the children leave the main gathering to join age specific groups so they can have a chance to learn and play while the adults get chance to learn from the Bible in more depth too as someone gives a sermon from a passage of the Bible.  The children’s groups are fun, interactive and a safe place to leave your child(ren) whilst you listen to the sermon. Kids are collected from their classes by parents at 12pm.

All our helpers are DBS checked and we run a Safeguarding policy which can be read here.

All children must register for the groups so we know who’s there and have a record of contact details and any allergies etc that we might need to be aware of.  A registration form, which has to be filled in once for each child, will be given on the first Sunday they attend the group, after that it’s just a case of ticking a box to say you’re there.